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Your business generates massive amounts of data, parsing that data is challenging. We create custom systems that allow you to make intelligent decisions in real time.

Data Visualization

Today’s computerized systems generate massive amounts of data, which in it’s native form can be extremely tough to manage and use effectively. Modern business data sources can include dozens of interrelated systems managing various assets and systems with disparate interfaces and varying qualities of inter-actability and reporting. This results in an inability for owners and managers to rapidly gain meaningful information about their operations.

We let you see how your business really works.

We create integrated business dashboards using custom and existing APIs to present your data in accessible and interactive formats, allowing you to see what’s going on in real time and perform detailed historical analysis. Our dashboards are customized for our clients based on their business needs and our experience extracting meaningful actionable data from complex data systems. We present information that can lead to meaningful decisions that impact efficiency, productivity; as well as keeping decision makers up to date on the changes that can affect their business and bottom line.

Utilizing the latest visualization libraries and statistical processing tools, we turn your large datasets into tools that will guide your business.

Information Analysis

Are the canned reports that come from your business application just not cutting it? When is the last time you found $35,000 worth of waste by looking at a graph for 5 seconds like one of our manufacturing clients did? Do you know who your most productive employees are? We can work with your staff and existing data to show you how to make more money or cut waste.

Custom Dashboards

Are you combing through reports to find the data you need to run your business? How would you like to be able to see at a glace how your business is running? We can help produce real time dashboards for almost any key performance indicators such as Sales, hours billed, calls made, parts produced. And the best part is we can most likely do it with the data you already have. If you don’t have the data we can help you acquire it.

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Well.. there's kind of a caveat here. Sometimes visualizing data and helping people to more fully understand their own business processes and efficiencies reveals inefficiencies which occasionally results in awkward discussions about time and money with coworkers and employees.