What We Do

Virtual CTO

Our team provides virtual CTOs that specialize in creating technology strategies and implementing them,so that your company can scale, in a secure and efficient way. Our team has worked on a wide range of enterprise applications. It is our mission to bring that expertise to companies looking to expand. Whether you are looking to go from one thousand customers to one million, or to get your technology to a state where your company can be funded, Minerva can help get you there without technology becoming a bottleneck.

Digital Shop

Strategy: We design digital strategies to achieve your business objectives with technology and critical thinking. We work with you based on your objectives, your targets and their interaction with technology to maximize revenue, efficiency, collaborative work, or brand exposure. We, as you and Minerva, set the best possible Key Performance Indicator [KPI], and work at your side to make sure you achieve your objectives.

User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) design: Whether you want a specific design or the latest design trend, we will make sure your end users feel comfortable interacting with the product we design with you. We also take pride on the quality and the story we tell our users. Business, branding, UX, UI, and marketing fundamentally contribute to the success of the project

Software production: As technology becomes an integral part of our lives, applications grow to an unmaintainable state. By utilizing a modular architecture frameworks these large applications become manageable. A service-oriented architecture allows for the separation of the data and presentation layer. Creating a normalized API allows you to publish once and consume everywhere. No longer will your iOS application and your web application need separate infrastructures. This allows you to separately scale your infrastructure intelligently.